Professional Network

From day one of our business we have built up a considerable network of fellow professionals to whom we can refer our clients with confidence. These include:

Specialist Taxation Advice

We are well equipped to advise our clients on the vast majority of taxation matters. On rare occasions, however, we will introduce our clients to experts on more specialised areas, such as international and overseas taxation or special compliance office investigations.

IT & Related Services

We can recommend and install accounting software, and can show you how make the best use of it. We have contacts with expertise in other IT areas including computer and network maintenance, website development and optimisation, and the supply and installation of hardware and software. For more information please visit

Pension and Investment Advice

As a firm we concentrate on our core activities. However, we can recommend Independent Financial Advisers who we know will provide our clients with the best possible advice

Mortgage and Unsecured Borrowings

We have contact with independent mortgage advisers who will ensure our client’s receive the best deals available within their circumstances, as well as brokers who can advise on the best sources of unsecured finance

Corporate Finance

If the requirement is for capital raising and other forms of equity finance then we can provide introductions to firms specialising in raising strategic corporate finance

General Insurance

We can recommend a number of brokers in whom we have confidence to examine our clients’ insurance requirements and offer the best solution to those requirements.

Legal & Related Services

We can recommend solicitors with expertise in partnership and corporate law, as well as experts in employment law, and health and safety legislation. For employers who want complete protection, we can introduce you companies providing complete indemnity against the costs and awards of employment tribunals.