We are justly proud of the accountancy services that we offer to our clients throughout Birmingham, and following on from these are the preparation of a business’s periodic Financial statements. These Financial statements may be monthly, quarterly or annual but whichever you require we will prepare them in a cost effective manner.

The form that your Financial statements take is governed by statute as well as by various statements issued by the professional bodies. Whilst these regulations are mandatory for companies, limited liability partnerships and other corporate bodies they are best practice for sole traders and other partnerships as well. Following a recent external review Watts Accountancy received praise for the quality of the work produced, when the independent examiner stated that the firm’s work “complied in all respects with all audit and accounting standards, and that can be said in only 5% or at the most in 10% of all cases reviewed.” Whilst the review concentrated on audit clients it covered all client files, and this comment applied to all of the examined Financial statements.

this excellence is achieved through staff training and vigorous quality control. We also make full use of modern technology, and this enables us to provide a cost effective service throughout the West Midlands.

Your Financial statements may be used by third parties for numerous purposes, including banks and major trade suppliers. The quality of the Financial statements can have a major influence on these third parties. They can also affect the outcome when the time comes to sell the business.

In short, we will ensure that your Financial Statements reflect the quality of your organisation to all third party users of your accounts.