Personal Tax

We are told that “Taxation Does Not Have To Be Taxing”, and we agree.

Completing your Personal Tax return may not appear complex or difficult. Unfortunately, completing your Personal Tax return is not sufficient.  Calculating the correct amount of tax due can be very complex, and all statistics suggest that relying on the tax office to calculate the tax due can in many cases result in the taxpayer paying too much tax.

The answer is to let us take this headache from you. If your Personal Tax affairs are indeed so simple that you can deal with them easily yourself then we will not be reticent in telling you. Remember, you get a half-hour meeting at no cost and no obligation.

Our personal Tax service is much more than simply completing your self assessment tax return.  As part of our Personal Tax service we will ensure that:

  • your affairs are arranged in the most tax efficient manner allowed within the law to mitigate the tax payable
  • your return is accurately completed and submitted by the due date
  • you are advised of the correct tax payable
  • the tax office correctly enters your liability onto their system and only demands the correct amount of tax
  • penalties are not demanded when unjustified

Due to the extensive use of modern technology we are able to provide a cost effective service in Smethwick, and also throughout West Midlands.

In short, we will ensure that your Personal Tax affairs are, indeed, not taxing.